Health and Safety, Environmental

EDK HSE Policy

EDK is committed to achieving health and safety, environmental (HSE) excellence. This is a responsibility of management and employees in all functions. EDK will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to avoid adverse impact and injury to the environment and the communities in which we do business. Our programs must combine clear leadership by management, the participation of all employees and functions, and the use of appropriate technology in developing and distributing EDK products and services.

  • Comply with applicable health and safety, environmental (HSE) laws and regulations.


  • Take appropriate measure to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Consider evolving industry practices, regulation requirements and societal standards of care.


  • Assess HSE impacts before starting a new activity or project. Consider HSE impacts in the design and production of EDK products and services.


  • Eliminate unreasonable risk from EDK facilities, products, services and activities.


  • To the extent reasonably practicable, reduce the use and release of the toxic and hazardous material, prevent pollution, and conserve, recover and recycle material.


  • Continue to improve our HSE systems and performance as an integral part of EDK operational strategy.
  • Set annual HSE goats and expectations for the business, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your leaders on their implementation of health and safety, environmental programs.


  • Implement monitoring systems at the plant and business levels to assure compliance with the law and the policy.


  • Periodically review the HSE impacts of business activities. Only authorize new or changed business activities or projects if the risks have been analyzed and can be appropriately managed. Notify corporate of decisions that may significantly extend HSE risks to the company or the public.
  • Implements effective programs, training and best practices for health and safety environmental, review new and redesigned operations, services and products prior to initiation or sale and distribution, to customers.


  • Regularly assess constructions/operation and managements. Establish measurements to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable law and regulations.


  • Ensure that employees with HSE leadership responsibility are appropriately screened before appointment and their continued appropriateness for their positions is periodically reviewed.


  • Promptly inform line management of any significant events with potential adverse HSE impacts and they will ensure that corporate or business HSE. Medical or legal are informed.


  • Work cooperatively with EDK’s customers, agents, contractors, suppliers and other business partners to ensure that our relationship with them support this policy.


  • Communicate responsibly with employee’s communities, customers and government agencies regarding health and safety, environmental issues.
  • Follow this policy, applicable laws and regulations and the site HSE policies, procedures, and rules to protect your own Health and safety as well as that of other workers, the public and the environment. Know and support the HSE goals of your organization. HSE is everyone’s responsibility.


  • Promptly raise any concerns about possible unsafe conditions, activities or violations of this policy to your manager, HSE manager, Or EDK corporate HSE programs. Site constructions, legal counsel, Auditor, ombudsperson or anther designated person. You report may be written or oral, and it may be anonymous.