EDK is providing services ranging from detailed Engineering to Commissioning and start up, to cover Material supply, Project Management, Mechanical erection and Construction.  

The construction of industrial works represents a big part of EDK activity. This segment covers all types of industrial works (power plants, oil & gas processing plants, etc.) EDK has carried out several earthworks for power plants, access roads, roads, pipe networks for energy production sites, as well as the construction of hydraulic and flood protection works.

EDK provides Mechanical Erection works by a highly experienced professional team based on the requirements of our clients. The affordability of mechanical erection services has led EDK Technicians and Engineers high demand in the Iraqi market with oil and gas operators, power generation companies.


EDK offers inspections, structural analysis, lifting using our team of in-house engineers to provide a safe and cost-effective project. EDK could be involved upon request of client’s requirements to cover emergency repairs, routine maintenance, or new builds. Our team provides high-quality respecting safety rules and standards that all our clients and partners rely on.


EDK erection Mechanical works cover an exhaustive list of the followings:

  • Atmospheric Storage tanks erection
  • Building extensions and/or Renovations
  • hangars
  • Pipe Racks
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Stairs & Ladders
  • Handrails
  • Towers & Support Structures

EDK is aware of the high and critical demand of its customers and partners of keeping the structures, plants, machinery and equipment and other facilities in an optimum working order and proper functioning without any interruption.


EDK Maintenance services cover both Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance which constitutes routine works and precautions to be taken periodically to prevent the system from malfunctioning by mechanical adjustments, repairs, corrective action, and planned maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance by carrying out works related to break down, replacements, correction of defects etc.


As part of EDK scope of services within O & M, and Before proceeding to the process, Operation and maintenance team check the availability of detailed completion plans and operators’ Manuals. The aforesaid key documents must be corrected and updated whenever additions or alterations are made to any of the structures and equipment in the plant.


EDK assign a dedicated team at earlier O & M to diagnosis and “Understand” the Plant. The team will make the following steps to ensure a deep knowledge of the plant, namely:

  • The processes and functions of each of equipment,
  • The operating procedures,
  • The schedules of preventive maintenance,
  • All necessary philosophies of plant running…

EDK Could Manage project with more than 300 peoples onsite. As the company involving high skilled Project Managers in Oil and Gas, Power and water treatment projects with an experience of 20 to 30 years with international well-known companies.


EDK Project managers could handle pipeline, storage tanks, CPF Projects, water & wastewater treatment Plants, Power Plants. Project management team handle the project once awarded to establish and/or continue the agreed baselines and milestones defined in contract and proposal. Thus, a KOM and internal meeting will be an input for a project tracking and focusing on all details including scheduling, cost control, earned values, and resources management with an eye on each deadline.


EDK is managing its projects as per PMI standards to ensure achieving the OTOB (on time & on budget). This process is supported by high qualified team and a dedicated software.