For smooth execution of its projects, EDK has under its fold and ownership sufficient numbers of all major & minor construction plant, machinery and equipment.  

Life Camp & Offices

Baghdad Office

Amara Camp

Basra & UAE Offices

Mechanical Erection Equipt.

Mechanical erection equipment including lifting equipment.

Civil Construction Heavy Equipment

Civil construction heavy equipment to cover excavation works, opening trenches, lowering pipes, and backfilling, transporting water, Loading material.

Welding & Surface Treatment Equipment Works

Welding & surface treatment equipment including power pneumatic tools, sandblasting and painting, Heavy duty & Light Duty welding machines, surface treatment etc…

Full Set of Tools for Different Works

Full set of Tools for different works including workshop Truck for any eventual equipment’sRepair at site, First aid boxes, and ambulance (when deemed necessary)

General Equipment for Electrical Works

General equipment for electrical works including Generators to providing /generating electricity to power tools, Providing light for camps and sites